Diabetes In Women

Diabetes is a chronic disease that is characterized by high blood sugar levels. The increase in serum blood glucose can result in numerous signs and symptoms in a person’s lifetime. Although the condition affects both men and women alike, specific symptoms are unique to women only. Naturally, because of the physical structure and hormonal reasons, this article will present these unique symptoms and how to manage them once detected.

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Money Talk: The Insurance World’s Little Regard For Mental Health

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Congress passed and made the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA) a law some ten years ago. With its passing was the rising hope that individuals who suffered from mental health maladies and substance abuse could get treatments as quickly as those who have other conditions.

But almost a decade later, that hope has clipped wings.

“Financial wellness is a component of overall wellness,” according to Joe Lowrance, PsyD.

The Issues

Many people who have mental health conditions have difficulty finding therapists who accept insurance. Additionally, looking for treatment facilities for PTSD and bipolar disorder that’ll take insurance for inpatient therapy can be very challenging.


Why is that?

The answer lies in how insurance companies are treating mental conditions and substance abuse as well as the treatments appertaining to these said health circumstances.

Milliman, a healthcare consulting firm, found two significant inequalities in the way the insurance market treats addiction and mental health compared to their physical counterpart.


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Stacy Notaras Murphy, LPC said “Finances just might be the great equalizer in the counseling room.”


The Disparities

In their analysis of about 42 million medical claims records from various major insurance players, they discovered that:


  • Firstly,  four to six of ten Americans have to employ out-of-network mental healthcare, and the most likely cause is that a lesser number of psychologists and psychiatrists accept insurances.
  • Secondly, for therapists who are in in-network psychological health care, the reimbursements they receive from insurers are significantly less than what primary or specialty care providers get for similar treatments. Example, in 2015, primary medical professionals collected approximately 20% more than mental health professionals did from insurance companies meaning that for every $1 the former got, the latter only had 83 cents.

This common insurance company practice has created an imbalanced system for both mental and physical healthcare and could become the chief reason why psychological therapists wouldn’t accept insurance in the future. And it’s happening as the country is grappling with the rising number of deaths through suicides and overdoses. In fact, the current rates for these two are at their highest in over ten years!


Put Teeth To the Law

2008 saw the passing of a landmark mental parity law. Its goal was to make psychiatric health care and abuse treatments more accessible to people by preventing insurers from erecting blockades to therapy services, something they wouldn’t usually do for physical medical care.

For instance, the law prohibits insurance companies from determining payment caps for addiction and depression treatments, restraints that wouldn’t otherwise be present if the said ministrations were for physical maladies such as an injured foot.

In theory, the law would make broader insurance coverages for mental disorders and addictions while lessening the barriers people seeking psychiatric care might encounter.


But it seems all of that would have to stay on paper.

“I am quite surprised it was this bad,” said a health services company’s former CEO who has worked on parity for a decade now. “I thought we were doing better, but these numbers just proved that insurance companies are still giving mental health little regard after all these years, even after the passing of that landmark law.”



And The Hurting Shows


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Caryl suffers from borderline personality disorder while wrestling addiction issues at the same time. She sees a therapist for both conditions weekly. Before, she had a co-payment of $25 for every session she has with the said professional. But in 2015, however, the latter refused to accept her insurance which upped her therapy payments to $110 for every session.

She called ten other therapists asking them if they’re willing to take insurance from new patients and all flatly said no.

“I make $30,000 annually, so those $110 therapy sessions are like luxury items to me. There were weeks I had to choose groceries over visits to my therapist and for someone (like me) who are struggling with jobs, making friends and living, that’s just so wrong,” she lamented. “It feels like I’m not worthy enough to be helped.”

As what one mental health advocate stressed out: “Two of the main reasons why people don’t seek mental health treatments is the scarcity of the providers and the cost for each session. And this reality is hurting a great number of Americans.”

According to Brad Klontz, PsyD, CFP, “If you’d like help managing financial stress and your family’s financial behaviors, consider talking to an expert.”

4 Ways To Love Yourself

There are a ton of things that you must remember when it comes to caring for yourself. Take note that it is essential for you to prioritize self-care. As much as possible, put yourself as a number one priority so that you can live a happy and fruitful life. According to a psychologist, a person who knows how to love himself can be a ray of sunshine for everyone around him. At the same time, there is a good chance that the same individual has excellent mental health.


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Trudi Griffin, LPC said “Understand the power of your attitude toward yourself. How you perceive yourself, how you talk about yourself, and how you represent yourself eventually becomes the reality for you.”


Because of this, everyone is highly encouraged to start loving one’s self. At this point, you are probably wondering how you can do it, especially when there are times when all you can think about are your imperfections. Is it possible to love yourself with all your heart? Can you put yourself as a top priority? Do you think you have what it takes to improve your mental health by taking good care of your self? In this article, we are going to provide you with a list of ways on how you can manifest this self-love. Make sure to familiarize yourself with this list:


Exercise Regularly


One of the things that you must to do is to become physically active. Find time to exercise regardless of how busy your day is. Keep in mind that the more you follow a healthy lifestyle, the easier it is on your part to become active and happy. Based on a recent study, the human body produces happy hormones called dopamine whenever a person exercises. Aside from putting yourself in a good mood, it can also increase your self-confidence because you will start to look good and feel better about yourself.


Control Your Food Intake


Another way of showing love for yourself is following a balanced diet. As much as possible, control your food intake so that you will not regret any weight gain that you may experience. It must be noted that the food you consume can affect your mental health and physical condition. If you keep on taking in food items that are considered unhealthy, then there is a high probability that you will become obese. The moment this happens, you are exposing yourself to some health risks. At the same time, being overweight can also increase the symptoms and signs of depression on your part.


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Do What You Love


Be sure that you continue doing what you love and what makes you feel happy. Conversely, make an effort to avoid those that only increase your sadness and frustration. Stop thinking about what others may say about your choices in your hobbies or career. Take note that their opinions do not matter. What is essential that you understand the importance of putting your self-interest first above anyone else. Do not think that you are selfish. Face the reality that in this world, nothing else matters but your happiness. Do what sets your soul on fire as long as you do not hurt others in the process.


“Shifting your posture helps slowly shift your mindset,” says Heather Stevenson, PsyD.


Treat Yourself To A Makeover


Have you been too stressed at work or in your business? Do you feel that you have failed to care for yourself for a long time already? If you answered yes to these questions, then maybe it is time to consider having a makeover. All you must do is to go to a spa and avail of the beauty services that you need. If you have more time to spend for beautifying yourself, you may also want to consider cutting your hair or having it colored. Do not be afraid to experiment on your looks. Of course, it is better to do it with a professional stylist to ensure that you will get the best look.


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As already mentioned above, caring and loving yourself is not being selfish. Instead, it is a sign of maturity wherein you understand that the only way to make yourself more available to others is to have so much self-love and high level of self-esteem. Once this happens, it will be easier on your part to achieve your goals and objectives, Prioritize your happiness, and enjoy the rewards after.


You can also seek professional help. Lisa M. Vallejos, MA, LPC, NCC said “Therapy is confidential and therapists are bound by both laws and ethics to maintain client confidentiality to the best of their ability.”



AI And Robotics – The Future Of Insurance Is Here And Now

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Many people fear how robotics and AI (artificial intelligence) will steal their jobs and their lives in the future.  We may not notice it, but many robots are already being employed in some companies, insurance included, to do human jobs.  With this continuing trend, US economy is said to decrease employment and drop wages.  This is why AI and robotics are considered a threat to the future of humanity.  But why don’t we consider the benefits first before drawing some conclusion?

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Importance of Insurance On Womanhood

As a girl transitions into womanhood, many changes happen in her body at a fast pace.   These changes make her feel awkward and unsure of herself.   She feels conscious because new body hair starts to grow, her body shape is changing, and the monthly menstrual period has come.   This signals the start of her journey with a gynecologist.   

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