How To Properly Care For The Elderly

It is a great experience to be at the Elderly Care event 2019. I was able to learn so many things, especially on properly caring for the elderly. From the engagement up to mental health management, I can say that I fully understand the significance of my role in their lives.


Role Reversal – One thing I do understand now is that life follows a role reversal. Meaning, when we are kids, our parents took care of us because there are things we can’t do all by ourselves. And when they get older, we do the same thing for them. It becomes our responsibility to look after them because there are things they can no longer physically do.

Safety Measures – There are a lot of hazards at home that can endanger the elderly. Some are lethal to their physical health. Examples of these are uneven flooring, cluttered room, improper lighting, and many more. We must secure the comfortability of the elderly at home, and we shouldn’t make them feel they are locked up.


Ensure Physical Activity – A right amount of physical activity helps a lot in boosting the immune system. Thus, we must ensure that our elderly takes at least 10 to 15 minutes of light exercise. These can include walking and stretching. Also, we should provide them nutritional support. Thus, we need to ensure they eat healthy food such as fruits and vegetables.

Emotional Care – Most elderly are sensitive to their surroundings. That is why we need to ensure that they keep their emotional aspect in a balanced state. We need to avoid putting them in uncomfortable situations. It is vital not to put pressure on them, especially when it comes to their preference in things such as food, activity, leisure, and rest.