Are You Mentally Prepared To Be A Mother According To A Psychiatrist?

Motherhood is one of the biggest adventures in a woman’s life.   The idea of having a baby is both scary and exciting that a woman finds it hard sometimes to picture herself as a mom.  Some women don’t even know they want to have a kid until they have one in their arms and come to enjoy the experience as much as those who had been thinking of having a baby all their lives.


If you already have a child, remember what Mark J. Johnson, PsyD, said: “As a parent, you know raising a child comes with many “challenges.””

To a woman who is at the peak of her career, someone who has some kind of mental disorder herself or somebody in her family, the idea of having a baby is quite stressing.

But psychiatrists say that mentally preparing a woman to the concept of motherhood would be a lot of help in making the journey much more enjoyable, especially when it comes to body changes, the hormones imbalances, challenging sleepless nights, and more issues on pregnancy.   Your psychiatrist can also prepare you for what to expect and what to do when the baby arrives.

Get Rid Of The Stress And Anxiety

Being financially stable plays a significant role in getting rid of the stress and anxiety during pregnancy and even after the delivery of the baby.

Be sure to take care of your insurance and check its coverage and the benefits you are entitled to when you give birth.  Knowing you have insurance to support you can lessen financial worries.

The psychiatrist advises you to have a good relationship with your significant others.   Misunderstanding and lack of support from your partner can be another significant source of your stress and even depression.


Studies reveal that stress could disrupt brain development during pregnancy as the hormones responsible for stress have its toxic effects on the brain.   It can also affect your way of thinking and your being productive. Even your effectivity in multi-tasking is hindered by stress.

Anxiety will rob you off of your sleep if you are not able to fight it away.   Lack of sleep can make you unhealthy and can weaken your immune system which is very important to support your pregnancy.

Did you know? According to Susan Albers, PsyD, “Most times, the people who pressure you do it out of love — they want you to share their food and the feelings that come with it.”

A psychologist says that once you find yourself swimming in stress and anxiety, why not try to treat yourself to a relaxing massage or a warm bath.  Taking a walk and breathing fresh air can clear your mind and is even an excellent form of exercise for you and the baby inside you.   Enjoying beautiful things and seeing nature can keep you calmer and more at peace.


Be Aware Of Yourself

It’s a natural occurrence for a pregnant woman to undergo many physical changes, changes that most women hate to have – the stretch marks, dark spots on the skin, the ugly curves, and the weight gain.

Instead of focusing on these changes, focus on how excited you are, knowing that your baby is growing healthy inside of you.  Look at those stretch marks as blessings of motherhood, for not all women are given a chance to be a mother.  Each line is your own story on this journey you can share with your kid in the future.

Jennifer Walton, MA, LPC, LCPC said “Social pressure can be best defined as the influence that society has on an individual.”

Changes in your body are necessary as a preparation for giving birth.   Attending prenatal classes, yoga, and childbirth education can help a first-time mother-to-be understand these changes and accept them so that they do not become an added burden for you during pregnancy.

Finding groups of first-time mothers-to-be through your hospitals or ob-gyn and even churches can be helpful mental support.  Mommy group buddies can make you understand better your journey, and you can also share your experiences.  No one can better understand you but those who are experiencing the same pain and struggles as you and those who had been in your situations before.


Talk To The Baby In Your Belly And Imagine Holding Her In Your Arms

Be excited as you look at the scanned photo of your baby in your belly.  Talk to her, read her stories, and sing to the little miracle inside you.  She can hear you and can even enjoy your voice.

You will soon care for that tiny voice crying, and see how effortlessly you can soothe her with just the sound of your voice which is already familiar to her.

Visualizing yourself holding your baby will be comfortable while watching videos online.  Picturing yourself as a mother holding your baby, calming her, and actually singing her lullabies can ease up the adjustment process from a free-spirit single career woman to a busy mother.

If you think you want to have a baby but do not believe you are mentally prepared for it, let a psychologist help you make this wonderful journey of your life for more info click here.

Take it from a mother like me. Seeing your baby right after your delivery, you can say to yourself, “the emotional roller coaster brought by this journey is all worth it.”

Learning How Online Therapy Security Efficiently Works

Online therapy is the fast-growing industry nowadays in the digital world. The online therapist offers a wide range of services, from digital assessment to give pieces of advice, and interventions, to dealing with anxiety, depression, and other problems like insomnia.  They then handle work problems, relationship issues, marriage counseling, abuse – almost basically everything the regular office-based therapist offers. Learn more from reading this article.

Raising security

But how exactly does online security work?

Dr. Hana Ra Adams PsyD., MA, LMFT said “Many of us can go overboard when it comes to shopping. We see the magic word “sale” or there are special offers or we find a style we like and choose to buy it in multiple colors.” Then, this is where virtual safety comes into play.

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Technology Improves Women Healthcare And Wellness



Millennials are said to be more health conscious than the older generations.   They make healthier lifestyle choices and make healthy diet their priority.   Everybody is very upbeat when it comes to healthy living, especially women.  

According to David W. Ballard, PsyD, MBA, “Researchers are uncovering new ways to identify and treat mental health conditions, such as brain mapping that can spot nuances in brain disease, and designer drugs that target an individual’s symptoms.”

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AI And Robotics – The Future Of Insurance Is Here And Now



Many people fear how robotics and AI (artificial intelligence) will steal their jobs and their lives in the future.  We may not notice it, but many robots are already being employed in some companies, insurance included, to do human jobs.  With this continuing trend, US economy is said to decrease employment and drop wages.  This is why AI and robotics are considered a threat to the future of humanity.  But why don’t we consider the benefits first before drawing some conclusion?

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Importance of Insurance On Womanhood

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Top 5 Reasons To Get Life Insurance

Many unexpected things could happen in your life. For this reason, it is essential that you prepare for whatever may come your way. Do not be merely passive by accepting things as they are without preparing for the possible consequences. Whether you like it or not, death is something that will come to you. The uncertainty is only inevitable to the time of happening.

It is proper to say that availing of alife insurance policy is essential. At first thought, it may seem unnecessary while you are still young and healthy. It may be expensive to start paying monthly premiums, but it is worth the price. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider getting a life insurance:

1. Pays For Funeral and Wake Expenses


Did you know that payment for internment and funeral services is also expensive? Relieve your family from the unnecessary burden of paying for these costs by pre-paying them while you are still alive. Keep in mind that these expenses may need thousands of dollars. To help your family members avoid these costs, make sure to find the right insurance provider that can help you make advanced arrangements regarding this matter.

2. Replaces Income

One of the purposes of life insurance is it provides financial security to the people you will leave behind after death. If you die, the source of income for the family will also suffer. As such, it is important that you avail of life insurance plans while you are still young. Think of what will happen to your family if you are to die suddenly. You will not only leave them broken hearted but, you are also leaving them with additional expenses. Avoid this scenario from taking place by getting a life insurance.

2. Settles Debts and Obligations


After your death, it does not mean that all your obligations and liabilities will disappear. A classic example of this is a loan mortgage, which includes a property belonging to both spouses. If one person between the married couple dies, the mortgage would still exist. As such, your partner may still be required to complete the payment of the balance. This problem will not exist in the first place if you have a life insurance policy. The proceeds from that plan may be used to pay off the debts of the spouses.

4. Gives Peace of Mind


Knowing that you have secured a life insurance policy will somehow give you a peace of mind. With this plan, you will have fewer worries as to what will happen to the people you will leave behind when it comes to expenses. All you need to do is to complete all premium payments and enjoy the benefits that you can get out of it.

3. Affordable Plans

One of the common excuses people have for not getting a life insurance policy is not having enough money to pay for the premiums. They believe that the insurance company will just rip them off with their money. Being scammed is not always the case. There is a variety of plans or packages to choose from. Consult your insurance agent as to what you want so that you can get a life insurance policy without paying too much for it.