Is Couples Counseling Covered By Your Insurance? 


Are you considering getting health insurance?   It is crucial that you know what benefits it covers and what type of insurance you are getting.   


If you are a couple who is undergoing marriage counseling or therapy, it is essential that you understand if the insurance plan you are paying for covers your sessions.    



Not All Offer Couples Therapy Coverage 

There are insurance plans that cover counseling, but you should have an understanding of what type of therapy it includes and how many sessions it can commit to paying each year.  When you are considering a couples therapy, there are insurance policies that may pay only part of the cost, but not always.   


Find out which insurance company pays for couples counseling and how so as not to be shocked and get stuck paying the bills you didn’t see coming.   


  1. Identify the type of therapy or counseling (marriage counseling or individually-focused counseling).   Marriage counseling is undergoing therapy together to work out relationship issues.   It focuses on your marriage.  Individual-focused counseling is where you get therapy for your own mental illness but supported and accompanied by your spouse.   The therapist will help and guide you and your spouse to learn better methods on how to manage the challenges brought by your mental illness.   


  1. Read and understand well your health insurance contract, all the terms and conditions, limitations, and prohibitions of the member’s agreement at the time of service.   Do not just rely on the information the agent is giving you.  Know what exactly is stated in the plan and ask questions when there is information that is not clear to you.  Be wise in knowing what is covered by your insurance policy.     


  1. Learn the dialect spoken in the insurance world before you call and talk to the insurance company agent.  It is essential that you are aware of the procedure system and have an understanding of the current procedural codes.  It is needed to avoid error in billing.   It helps the insurance company decide how much they are going to pay your doctor and other healthcare providers involved in your care.    


Another term you must be aware of is the diagnostic code.   You have to be careful in filling this out.  If you are not confident about what to put or confused what precisely diagnostic code means, better ask a person who is knowledgeable, either your agent or the therapist you contact.  Let that person explain what diagnostic codes exactly are.  It is imperative that you get a clear picture of what this means without any doubt because this may cause the claim to be refused.  You have to know what the focus of your treatment would be even if you receive more than one diagnosis.   


  1. Have a ready list of all your questions.  As you read the policy, be sure to take down notes on all your inquiries so you’ll not leave any questions on your mind unanswered, especially if the treatment involves couples counseling or family treatment.   Be sure to ask all the specific data, like how many sessions of therapy do they cover.   

Every insurance plan differs significantly regarding coverage, benefits, limitations, etc.   Be sure that the plan you are getting pay benefits for couples counseling.  The best way to be sure is to communicate directly with your insurance company through an agent or by calling their phone number and asking them regarding the coverage of their mental health benefits.  You may discuss it also with the therapist or counselor you have contacted.   


Being wise in choosing the right insurance fit for your family’s need will allow you to enjoy the benefits your insurance offers to the fullest.   Insurance companies covering your marriage and family counseling are favorable to your family as they can work hand in hand with you in reshaping your relationship with your partner and kids through therapy.