Tightening The Bond: In Sickness And In Health

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“Through sickness and health” is once and for all to be acknowledged by both individuals in the sacrament of matrimony.   It is the vow taken by a man and a woman which establishes them a partnership of a lifetime. But life inevitably will come to a time where they will struggle from the problems arising from dispositions of this said lifetime. These problems generally include medical conditions, financial factors and even relationship exhaustion for both individuals. And if these problems persist, it may ruin the sanctity of vows taken and the sacred ceremonies that both parties take heed of an oath.


Love in the face of health conditions will test the faith of bonds to both individuals.  Enduring through times of sickness in marriage requires a great deal of effort and self-sacrifices. But then again, it is every duty of the spouse to take care of the needs of her/his partner when rough patches come through their marriage.


This article will show you why couples should take health issues seriously to strengthen the bond between them when tough times of sickness come.


Know Each Other’s History

For couples to be able to support each other through any health issues that may occur, it is best for you to be honest and let each know your medical history before partaking in marriage. By telling each other’s stories of the past health conditions that your family suffered from will give each of you a heads up on what future medical problems you may face in the future.  That is because there are medical conditions that can be inherited or already in the genes.  Being aware of such health problems might help both of you to prevent the disease from taking place or be treated immediately before the matter gets worse, like altering diet and living a healthier lifestyle or seeing a doctor and be tested for any possibilities.

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Trivia: Bipolar disorder can be an emotional roller-coaster ride for the couple, with many ups and downs that mimic the disorder itself. – Lauren Dalton-Stern, LPCC


Sex Is A Serious Business Between Couples.

Sometimes, certain medical conditions get in the way of the romance when in the privacy of your room.  Searching for traditional or alternative medical support for sex drive can help couples maintain intimacy.


Knowing traditional ways of treating your health condition the best way it can be will undoubtedly increase the resiliency of the mind and body naturally, which then can be a real turn-on for your spouse. Search for ways that might work best for your partner when he is experiencing decreased sex drive that could be a suspicion of having prostate diseases.


TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a lot of natural ways to increase sex drive that can promote intimacy for married couples. The so-called Yin Yan Huo is an herb from China which became known today for its ability to treat impotence and infertility.  Some people who have tried taking it claimed to experience a sudden increase in their sexual drive.

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Dr. Jesse D. Matthews, PsyD said “When it comes to the foundational issues of life or relationships, agreement or holding similar values is essential; but when it comes to other things, talking about it and trying to find an understanding are what will help a couple to find or stay in a healthy place.”


Fighting The Illness As A Couple

Chronic disease may weaken the relationship between you and your partner, but don’t let this get in the way to ruin your tight bond. Through active communication, you can help your spouse identify what can help him/her feel good.   You can discuss things beneficial for both of you and talk about challenges you and your partner will both tackle so you can fight it off together. Through communication, strong marriage will prosper.


Honesty and open communication are essential when you are a couple, especially when it comes to health issues.  Illness should not break apart from any relationship.  Instead, it should keep them closer together as they explore the many options on how to deal with the medical problem, either through traditional or alternative medicine, they are facing.  Seeking medical advice is worth taking the risk especially when it is your relationship that is at stake.


Sheila Kamen, PsyD said “The typical issues that come up for married couples with children include; how to deal with in-laws, how to raise the kids.”


Cure can be just around the corner; you only have to find what best suits you and your partner.


Whatever sickness gets in your way as a couple, you always have an option to face it head-on as a couple or just simply give up.  But I remind you, when you take your vows in front of God, you both swore in sickness and in health.