Women’s Health Issues And Their Effects On Life Insurance

Grocery shopping is said to be one activity that makes couples closer together, but it was not the case between my husband and me.

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My husband was a very health-conscious man that often the trip to the grocery would be the cause of an argument.  He will often remind me how wrong I choose foods, and we will just end up not talking until we reached home.


To avoid such a scene, we just decided to have separate carts when shopping for food.  I would fill my cart first with crackers, sweets, and chips, and then will go to the meat section for just a couple of whatever I could find, while he would fill his cart with fruits, veggies, and quality meat.  He is a good cook and is very conscious of having only healthy stuff.  He cooks for both of us, but I always have my chips and sweets after.  And that is one thing he does not like much about me.


However, things changed when I got pregnant with our firstborn.  At the second trimester, my doctor diagnosed me with gestational diabetes.  I thought it was temporary, but this led to my having type 2 diabetes after giving birth.  I had no other choice but to change my selection of food and eating habits.


I really found it hard at first. Passing by the lane that used to give me happy feelings now caused me to be a bit sad.  Moreover, I have to follow my husband’s choice of food, and while walking the organic lane, he would smile at me as if saying, “I won!”


I know he means well, but I just cannot stop thinking negatively, especially with the hardship pregnancy has brought in me. He was so concerned about me and my baby’s health that he will always cook for me and take care of most stuff for me.  I tried to fight the negativities and just be thankful I had my husband by my side.


When Life Insurance Becomes An Issue

Having gestational diabetes had a negative impact on our insurance coverage.  We have to be ready for any possibilities that might happen, so we have to get the best coverage.   However, now that I have gestational diabetes, we never thought that it would have a big impact on our life insurance. The process would be more tedious and the rates are entirely a bit costly, besides the fact that I used to have a really lousy lifestyle and diet.   The insurance company considered all those factors when they were determining life insurance rates.

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We consulted with our agent, and he gave us options on how we can avail affordable insurance.  He even told us that I might want to postpone having life insurance until after pregnancy.


Fact: People often don’t realize that depression isn’t just one thing. It can have different causes and presentations. Some people look sad, others are more irritable, some withdraw, and others seem restless. – Lisa Moses, PsyD


Health Is Truly Wealth Especially For Women

Women have many unique health problems than men, which are brought about by pregnancy, menopause, and various conditions of the female organs.  Moreover, these conditions make the process of obtaining life insurance harder and more complicated.


Heart Problems.  Women are more at risk of heart attacks than men and have a higher likelihood of dying.


Mental Health Issues.  Depression and anxiety, according to statistics, are more prevalent in women brought about by factors such as genetic disposition and fluctuating hormone levels (especially during the time of childbirth and menopause).   Women have a tendency to be more ruminative, and they invest more in a relationship.

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Fact: Depression goes unrecognized, and when it is recognized, it may go untreated, due to a lack of psychological services. – Darryl Salvador, PsyD


Sexually Transmitted Diseases.  Women suffer the more severe effects of sexually transmitted disease than men primarily because of their anatomy.  The vaginal lining is thinner and more delicate as compared to the skin of the penis.  STD symptoms are often confused for something else and even if the symptoms go away, women are usually not aware that the infection remains unnoticed.  STD can pose more serious health problems in women especially that there is a possibility of getting pregnant.  They can pass it to their babies, not to mention the fact that HPV can cause cervical cancer.


Bone Problems.  Women are more prone to arthritis and osteoarthritis because of their body structure and hormones.   When a woman reaches her menopausal age, the possibility of having arthritis shoots up due to a decreased production of the female hormone estrogen.


Infection Of The Urinary Tract.  Women are more likely to have bladder infections than men for the reason that female urethras are much shorter than that of the male, allowing bacteria to travel and reach the bladder faster.


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The more complicated the health issues become, the more difficult it is to acquire reasonable life insurance for women.  My husband was right when he always nagged me about diet and staying healthy.


Guarding your health, ensuring safe sex, and maintaining proper hygiene is essential to prevent some of the most severe health issues from ruining your health.


Take charge and start a healthy lifestyle now before it becomes too late.